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To help you identify a tree or a shrub that you are unable to name,
or to check your identification, we have put together some of the
field characteristics in a multi-access key form.
Look through the characteristics below
and select the criteria that are most relevant to
the specimens you are trying to identify,
if that does not get you close
try selecting aditional criteria.

  ... and select additional criteria below:  
  tree/shrub type
  Conifers Broad leaved trees and shrubs Palms, ferns and bamboos  
  Cactuses and Succulents Heathers    
  Deciduous Evergreen Semi-evergreen  
  Tall forest trees (above 10m) Smaller garden trees (up to 10m) Average shrubs  
  Low shrubs Climbers    
  leaf type
  Needles/Needle like Scales Simple leaves  
  Palmate Composite leaves Sword like leaves  
  types of fruit
  Trees and shrubs with catkins Trees and shrubs with cones Trees and shrubs with keys  
  Trees and shrubs with nuts/acorns Trees and shrubs with decorative fruit or berries Trees and shrubs with pods/beans  
  flowering period
  Winter Spring Summer  
  leaf colour
  Leaves green Leaves silver Leaves golden  
  Leaves red/purple Leaves variegated Trees and shrubs with good autumn colour  
  Brown or Black    
  plants for a purpose
  Climbers for walls and arbours Plants for hedging Scented leaves  
  Scented flowers Low growing/Ground cover plants Shade Tolerant Plants  
  Trees and shrubs with decorative white flowers Trees and shrubs with decorative pink flowers Trees and shrubs with decorative red/magenta/orange flowers  
  Trees and shrubs with decorative yellow/greenish flowers Trees and shrubs with decorative blue/purple to black flowers Trees and shrubs with variegated coloured flowers  
  growing conditions
  Plants for acid soils Plants for alkaline soils Drought tolerant plants  
  Salt tolerant plants Frost tolerant plants USDA zone 7 to -10F or -22C  
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